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Michael Morreale Volume 6

PepJack Records 2023

1. Luc
ky To Be Me 4:06
(L. Bernstein, B. Comden, A. Green, Universal-Polygram International)

2. How Long Has This Been Going On 5:24
(Ira Gershwin, George Gershwin, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.)

3. You And The Night And The Music 5:59
(A. Schwartz, H. Dietz, Warner Bros Music and Bienstock Publishing Co.)

4. Bill Must Have Played This 9:24
(Michael Morreale, JimNinoMusic, ASCAP)

5. Nocturne No. 5 8:29
(Michael Morreale, JimNinoMusic, ASCAP)

6. I Have Dreamed 5:17
(Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein, Williamson Music Co.)

7. What Kind of Fool Am I 7:17
(L. Bricusse, A. Newley, Ludlow Music)

8. How Deep Is The Ocean 7:09
(Irving Berlin, Irving Berlin Music Company)

9. Maiden Voyage 8:11
(H. Hancock, Herbie Hancock Music Co.)

10. Beautiful Love 4:42
(W. King, V. Young, E. Van Alstyne, H. Gillespie, Haven Gillespie Music Pub. and WB Music Corp.)

11. Blue Monk 3:27
(Thelonious Monk, Thelonious Music Corp.)

12.Willow Weep For Me 5:24
(Ann Ronell, Bourne Co.)

13. An Affair To Remember 4:24
(H. Adamson, L. McCarey, H. Warren, EMI Feist Catalog Inc.)

Michael Morreale
- piano

Bill Moring - contra bass #8-10

Earl Sauls - contra bass #3-5

Tim Horner - drums #3-5, 8-10

Chris Sulit - recording engineer

Produced and Arranged by Michael Morreale

Recorded and mixed by Chris Sulit at Trading 8’s, Paramus New Jersey
Tracks 3-5 recorded April 6, 2019 and tracks 8-10 recorded August 17, 2020 Solo tracks recorded March 25, 2019 except for #11 recorded July 24, 2021.


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