My new CD, is entitled, Love And Influence.

Most of the music on this album was composed and performed in concert at the College of Staten Island’s Recital Hall from 2009 included Vinnie Ruggieri on piano, Bill Moring on bass, and Tim Horner on drums.

I put quotes on the word “working” because in recent years we played rather infrequently, usually just for the concert performances. The four of us had been playing together since 2000, when Tim Horner joined the group. Bill Moring is the next senior member from 1991, Vinnie Ruggieri and I played together since 1983.

The Quartet was originally formed as the Staten Island Chamber Music Players Jazz Quartet, under my direction from 1983 to the organization’s disbanding in 2008. We also played in SI clubs and other venues.

Vinnie died suddenly about two weeks before this recording. At that moment I wanted to quit, period, but at his service I decided this recording had to go on. I am so thankful to Tony Regusis for stepping in on the piano chair. His commitment to this project on short notice will always be treasured.

I had decided adding two other horns would benefit the project greatly, and therefore I am indebted to Jon Gordon and John Allred for playing up to their impressive reps for this endeavor.

Chris Sulit’s ears and talent from the engineering chair was invaluable; he’s a part of the band on this album. One of the compositions also included wordless vocal. I wrote the melody with the voice of Linda Soria in mind and in person she certainly did not disappoint.

Michael Morreale