Michael Morreale – Volume 4 – August 17th

Title : Michael Morreale - Volume 4 - August 17th
Catalog ref. : PJR-005
Format : CD

1. Now’s The Time 5:34 (Charlie Parker, Atlantic Music Corp., BMI)
2. Red Cross 5:45 (Charlie Parker, Atlantic Music Corp., BMI)
3. Lover Man 5:51
(James O. Davis, Jimmy Sherman, Roger J. Ramirez,
Universal Music Publishing Group,Sony/ATV Music Publishing)
4. Confirmation 4:47 (Charlie Parker, Atlantic Music Corp., BMI)
5. Suicide is Painless (Theme from M.A.S.H) 7:40 (Johnny Mandel, Michael B Altman, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.)
6. Emily 7:27
(Johnny Mandel/Johnny Mercer, Johnny, EMI Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group)
7. A Time For Love 4:14
(Johnny Mandel/Paul Francis Webster, Warner Bros. Music Div., ASCAP, GEMA)
8. Witches’ Soup 5:24 (Michael Morreale, JimNinoMusic, ASCAP)
9. Lucky Strike Blues 4:44 (Michael Morreale, JimNinoMusic, ASCAP)

Michael Morreale trumpet, flugelhorn (5), piano (6-7)
Bill Moring contra bass
Tim Horner drum set
Chris Sulit engineer

Produced by Michael Morreale

All songs arranged by Michael Morreale

Recorded by Chris Sulit at Trading 8s Recording Studio in Paramus, N.J. on 8-17-2020 Mixed by Michael Morreale and Chris Sulit.

Mastered by Kevin Blackler at Blackler Mastering, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Art direction, design and inside photo by Jack Frisch, uprightgraphics.com.

This recording is dedicated with gratitude to Gino Moratti (1937-2021) – artistic director for Jazz at The Kitano Hotel.

Liner notes:
2020, a pan-f—-n-demic! – much of this time was boring at best and although i didn’t completely mind chilling at home, by midsummer i was missing my musical brothers Bill Moring and Tim Horner – things had been opening up a bit and onAugust17th ibookedasessionatTrading8’swithengineerChrisSulitandaswewerelimitedtothreeplayersi went in with Bill on bass and Tim on drum set – we recorded chordless trio with trumpet but i also played some piano

Bird’s centennial was in 2020 so we played four tunes, three he had composed: “Now’s the Time”, “Red Cross”, “Confirmation”,and a ballad he was associated with (although not always happily): “Lover Man” – Johnny Mandel had recently passed, I was always an admirer of his writing so i recorded three of his tunes: “Theme from MASH”, “Emily”, and “A Time For Love” – at the time i had recently written a line that came into my head while listening to Miles’ “Bitches Brew” (entitled the more PC “Witches’ Soup”), so we recorded that – i also decided to write a Blues the day of the session, coincidentally the same day the bowling alleys re-opened on Staten Island, hence the title “Lucky Strike Blues” – being with Bill, Chris, and Tim (after not very much happening creatively) made for a beautiful day, a wonderful time spent

i wanted the spontaneity of the musical experience in this session, all first takes issued (we only did one second take on onetuneanyway)nosolooverdubs(laterbymeonaheadortwo)–personally,isometimesfeltatadrusty,but
we put some heart out there that day, August 17, 2020 —

Michael Morreale